Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: How is this car show different from the past?
A: It has been a local tradition for 25 years for car enthusiasts and attendees to come to Green Hill Park for the annual 4th of July Car Show. We will be continuing the tradition of the antique car show with some limitations on types of vehicles allowed inside the show. The show will include more car focused entertainment and family friendly events. In addition we will continue to have DJ's, Live music, entertainment, vendors, and more. The most significant changes you will find with this show is that there will be no burnouts, helicopter rides, or swim suit competitions. This will be replaced by more suitable entertainment all in one location.

Q: Can regular cars enter the show area?
A: No. Regular cars will be asked to park in designated general parking areas.

Q: Who is putting on this show?
A: A group of local car enthusiasts that have enjoyed the area car show for years, have come together to keep the tradition going. The core group is called Cars of Summer. The core group is Gary Cooper, Marissa Brown, Stan Carpenter, Austin Beliveau, Roger Steele, and Kyle Lyman.

Q: Is the car show affordable for families?
A: A three day SHOW CAR pass is only $35, if purchased before June 1. After June 1, a three day SHOW CAR pass is $45. With every show car registered, you will be given 2 event bracelets. Spectators can enjoy a three day pass for only $25 or a single day pass for $10. We encourage car enthusiasts to bring their families to share the event. With every paid adult admission, children under 12 are free.

Q: Will I be able to bring my camper?
A: Yes, limited space is available. You must preregister for a Three Day Pass with a camping permit.

Q: What are the hours of the show?
A: The hours will be 9am to 4pm daily.

Q: Will there be events downtown?
A: We encourage you to visit the businesses in the downtown area, however, the car show will be held only at Green Hill Park. There will be a Car Cruise taking a ride through the city on one of the evenings. The cars will line up at the park, explore the city, and check out some of other events going on around Worcester
Q: I have a custom car that is not an antique, can I still enter the show?
A: Yes, with pre-approval from the show staff. If you are pre-registering, email us a picture and a brief description of your modifications and we will review. They must be preapproved prior to the show.

Q: Will there be parking for motorcycles?
A: Yes, we will have a designated spot for motorcycles to park at the Green Hill Parkway entrance.
It is a paved and level spot to safely park the motorcycles.

Q: Will there be handicap parking available?
A: Yes, we will have a designated spot for handicap parking at the Skyline Drive entrance. There will be handicap restrooms available at the handicap parking area, as well as in the Food Court area. 

Q: Where can I pick up flyers to help hand out to my friends or car shows that I go to?
A: Extra flyers can be picked up at Brook Motors, 603 Southbridge St, Auburn MA.

Q: Is this show associated with Moscoffian Productions or New England Summer Nationals?
A: No. We are not affiliated with Moscoffian Productions or the New England Summer Nationals.
The CARS OF SUMMER CAR SHOW is a completely new show but is held in the same great location at Green Hill Park, Worcester MA. We felt the tradition should focus more on quality antique cars and not the quantity of cars allowed into the park. We have replaced the burn outs, with a live antique auto auction. For those of you that have asked to keep the car show at Green Hill Park, this is your show! We have no intention of disrespecting the Summer Nationals Production or its followers. CARS OF SUMMER is just a different kind of show. We encourage you to bring your classic cars, friends, families, and enjoy the holiday weekend in the park.  IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CARS!


Q: Will I be able to bring my trailer?
A: Yes, limited space is available. You must preregister for a Three Day Pass and request a trailer permit.