A Great Ride
It's been a sometimes bumpy road,
with many hills, valleys and wrong turns.
But overall it's been a great ride.
Thank you Lord for a wonderful life.
One day I will be off to my greatest adventure.
After a morning cup of coffee at the Seven-Eleven,
I'll be traveling up to see you on the Highway to Heaven.
by: David Byron Keener
This page is dedicated to all of our fellow car enthusiasts that were called to ride the Highway to Heaven.
  1.            Al Gemme
    Al Gemme
  2.           Mike Welch
    Mike Welch
  3.        Bobby Sheehan
    Bobby Sheehan
  1.     John "Mike" Boyle
    John "Mike" Boyle
  2.       George Pearson
    George Pearson
  3.        Tony Masiello
    Tony Masiello
  1.        Karen Nelson
    Karen Nelson
  2.      Mark Cherry
    Mark Cherry
Connor Lewis
2003 - 2017
Jake Bratkon
1993 - 2011
  1.               Bob King
    Bob King
  1. Dennis Farrell
    Dennis Farrell